Volunteer Network

Do you need assistance grocery shopping, picking up items at the pharmacy, walking your dog, etc.? Do you want to join our group of selfless volunteers?! Our Volunteer Network enables our LVCA neighbors in need of assistance to connect with a LVCA Volunteer who can help.

This Volunteer Network was launched in response to the COVID-19 Stay at Home rules and recommendations for at-risk individuals, and will continue to work to help our neighbors in need for years to come, whatever the circumstance.

Here’s How it Works

If a community member needs assistance, they will be able to request help from the network and a volunteer may contact them directly. The volunteer and the resident requiring assistance may then directly coordinate between themselves any activity required.  Everyone needs to remember that we want to take all the precautions necessary to stay safe in picking up and delivering items and also in handling any financial transactions. 

How to Contact the Volunteer Network

To contact our volunteer network, you may find more information on NextDoor, where we have created a Group for our LVCA Volunteer Network. If you do not feel comfortable using Nextdoor, you may contact our organizer, Kathy French, at kfrench22@verizon.net or our LVCA President.   

How to Join the Volunteer Network

If you would like to join the LVCA Volunteer Network, please provide the following information and a signed copy for the Volunteer Release and Waiver of Liability Form, required by the LVCA counsel, to Kathy French at kfrench22@verizon.net.

*If you do not wish to have your personal information published on the LVCA Nextdoor site or in our LVCA Newsletter, please indicate in the email, and instead your information will be saved on our private list of volunteers.



Contact Information:



Activities willing to perform:   (Grocery shop, Pharmacy pick-up, Walk dogs, Feed cats and dogs, etc.)

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