Pool Closed Today

September 1, 2021 all-day

The following is a message from Atlantic Pool Service:


We would like to inform you that at this current date, Atlantic Pool Service, Inc. has enough lifeguard staff to operate the Lafayette Village pool during the normal operating hours through August 22, 2021.  During the time period of August 23 to September 6, we may only have one certified lifeguard available to work.  We are doing our best to find additional staff members to fill out the remaining open shifts in order to properly/safely open the pool.


Please understand that the lack of staff is rapidly increasing and is out of our control.  Atlantic Pool Service, Inc. is willing to operate the Lafayette Village pool with one lifeguard on duty when only one lifeguard is available.  If this situation exists, certain restrictions will have to be put in place in order to provide proper rest and “break” periods for this guard.  Also, only certain parts of the main pool would be open for swimming/use.


Please be advised that this situation can change for the worse, where we would have to close the pool prior to Labor Day, 2021.  We will contact you immediately if our situation changes.


If the pool needs to operate with only one certified lifeguard on duty the following restrictions will apply:

  1. The guard would call break and clear the pool completely so that he/she could go inside and rest for 15 minutes when required.
  2. Since the guard would have a dual role of checking patrons in and watching the pool, only one part of the main pool would be open at one time. Most times the shallow end, up to the deep end dividing rope would be open and the other times, the deep end could be open.
  3. The guard would also need to call a break and clear the entire pool if he/she has to check the filter equipment or render first aid, etc.Residents don’t need to leave the pool during this time, but will need to remain out of the pool until they are told that they can go back in.


Steve Bogdanoff, President

Atlantic Pool Service, Inc.